Letter to Elise

Elly was named Elise after this song as both Daddy and I were big Cure fans. She totally loves this song so I had to include it on her Blog now didn't I... If this is the first time you have visited SilvaLand, please be sure to scroll right down and go to 'older posts' too as there are more pages. Alternatively, go to the Archives and click on a title for that blog. Oh, and don't forget to leave a message for Elly in her chat box. She will get back to you.

Monday, 16 July 2007

'Gotta Dance........'

I just know you're gonna love this little clip. Elly suddenly announced today that she no longer wants to be a Taxi Driver (It's been a life-long ambition of hers), instead, after seeing it on tv, she has decided to become a TAP DANCER.......

Apparently, she only needed to try this once and got it straight away, no practice needed.....

Now wasn't that the best dancing feet you've ever seen. Michael Flately, eat your River Dancin' heart out baby, this girl is a natural.....!

Other news.
We went to see Shrek 3 the other day. It was good, very funny in parts but I gotta say, for me, the first one is always the best one. Anyway, Elly loved it, didn't go to the loo once (a tiny miracle) and is now counting down to Harry Potter and the Simpsons.....

Well folks, thats all from SilvaLand for today. Summer Hols start soon so hopefully, lots more pics. Sadly, Ellys Sports event has been cancelled due to bad weather so no photos of that. Maybe next time.

Hugs to all

Boo and Elly xx

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Just a few more layouts for you today.

Not much going on at the moment. Elly is getting very excited as she only has one more week of school before the summer holidays.

Next Tuesday Elly will be competing in the Southport Schools Sports Event. Wow, my little girl is one of those selected to represent her school, how darned cool is that.

Now, if, and its a big 'if'', I can get the time to pop along and watch her. I'll hopefully have some photo's and possibly even a movie for you.

Meanwhile, here are some more layouts I did using my new Digi Scrapbook Kit. I just love the way Elly is all 'girly' here.

Well, thats all for now folks. Check back soon as I'm sure we'll have more for you.
Hugs and Kisses
Boo and Elly xx

Monday, 9 July 2007

Lilac Smiles

I have some new layouts for you. The first one I couldn't resist. Elly looking all girly and sweet which most of the time is so not her, she's such a tomboy. I got the idea for the papers I made from her top which is just so pretty.

and secondly. I was trying out some of the freebies I get from the other ladies I scrap with on the internet. I really liked this quirky template and the papers too. It seemed just right for this photo of Elly at Harveys Christening where she was trying so very hard to keep those rings going on her arms. She did good too.... lol.

Here's a little 'ARTY' thing I did. I have no idea how I did it. It was an action I tried that went wrong but I liked the outcome. Pretty cool, so I kept it and added a rather nice doodle frame.

Here's a pretty little picture I did using a frame and one of my papers along with a photo focused on Elly's hands holding Dandilion Seeds. Remember that wonderful picture of her sulking because the seeds wouldn't blow.... lol.

Again, trying out the 'Pop Out' style. I loved this picture of Elly with the Bluebells. She was so busy watching the Ladybird, she didn't notice the tiny spider slowly crawl toward her hand. Boy oh boy, I never heard such a scream. The flowers were up in the air, Elly was back in the house and that was the end of my bluebell photo shoot.... lol.

Well folks, thats all for now. More to come soon. Wishing you all lots of love and sending bigs hugs and kisses.
Boo and Elly xx

We've almost caught up.....

Todays post is all about a Super Girl..... and lets face it, there are none more Super then our Elly, right?

Its also a good chance for me to show off some of my experiments with CS3. These are the latest of my 'Pop Out' pictures. Enjoy
Boo x

SuperGirl takes a break...

Do Ya think I'm Sexy....

'How you doin'?.....

Ready for action......

and it's Up, Up and Awayyyyyyyyyyy..............

And Now............

........................ The Finale!

Ok, so the colours are really bright, I've been trying out a new action which sharpens the colour, great for flowers, a little too much for SuperGirls... lol and yes, I've been heavy on the shadow so lessons still being learned here but hey, not bad for someone who doesn't know their way out of a paper bag. Here comes Elly......

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Birthday Girl

Ok, we are catching up nicely. Here are the layouts I did recently of Elly during her Birthday week. Oh, and don't forget the movies..... Enjoy.

Elly gets the works when Aunty April produces a yummt choc cake with candles showing the birthday ages of Gabi, Harvey and Elly. Check out that little delighted face..... and below, Elly can't wait to try out her Birthday present from us. A real metal detector for finding buried treasures. She's decided she's no longer going to be a Taxi Driver (thank God) but an archiologist instead. Hmmm, I seem to remember big brother Danny saying that at about the same age.......

The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Gifts

Quick Page

A 'Quick Page' is a term used by digi scrappers to describe a layout ready prepared so that all you have to do is slip your photo or picture in.

I took up my very first scrap challenge earlier this week to design a 'Quick Page' for another designer and this is what I came up with. I just love the colour and texture of the papers and this photo of Elly seemed perfect for it. What do you think.....?

Can you take any more Elly......?

......Of course you can

and I'm only too happy to oblige so here ya go.....

These layouts were put together from photos taken while Elly spent a lovely weekend at Grans. As it was almost Aunty Aprils and my birthdays (within a week of each other) Elly spent an afternoon making some beautiful hand made cards decorated with one of my favourtite things, butterflies.

Later she took a leaf out of Grans book and did some painting. She first sketched out her picture then took great care to paint it just right.

Didn't it turn out wonderful. I loved the colours and the style of the painting and all that effort she put into it. Well done Elly, yet another budding artist in the family.